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Our aim is to retain the link with our community and introduce a diversity of uses to create a rich and viable future for the property.We are committed to being available for local and community events, Regional Arts Victoria and beyond.

Our Sunday Sessions have hosted musicans, comedians and artists.

Our annual ‘Christmas Carols at the Church’ is a joyous riot of the traditional and re-imagined sing-a-long.

What's on Next

Dave Graney & Clare Moore

Sunday 13 October
Doors open 2pm
Show 3-5pm (2 sets)

Dave Graney and Clare Moore are releasing their second album for 2019.

Its called ONE MILLION YEARS DC and was recorded and mixed at their studio in the hills of Melbourne, the PONDEROSA. This album follows ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS? an album recorded with their band the mistLY which came out in May 2019 and featured the modern classics ULTRAKEEF, SONG OF LIFE and BABY,I WISH I’D BEEN A BETTER POP STAR.

The two are companion pieces, in a  way. Many songs recorded over the same period.

They are playing national dates for ONE MILLION YEARS DC. Its an album of songs rather than a representation of a band. Its all to do with their sensibility. They are rock’n’roll people and are steeped in rock’n’roll culture.

They will be playing songs from across their career and also nods to artists who have inspired them.

Whatever they do, it will be straight from the fridge (i.e. cool). As ever they’re on a  Birdseye kick, man!

Catch them when you can. It’s always a live show, jumping off the plate, baby.


VIDEO – ULTRA KEEF: https://youtu.be/LJGxdKmnbzo

Tickets: Buy online now

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a local community event

Wednesday, 18 December 2019, 5pm

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